When you’re looking for new ways to make your home look updated in 2020, consider adding some tiles to your home décor. There are a wide range of materials and colours that tiles come in, so you’ll have options for any aesthetic taste. Choose from porcelain, ceramic, concrete, glass, marble, granite, and many high-end and bargain types of materials. If you like bright and cheerful, you can use a variety of bold colours in your décor choices, and if you love a sophisticated look, use high-end materials all over your home. Here are some of the best ways that you can incorporate more tile into your home.

Install Tile in Your Foyer

If you love the classy look of shining, white marble with delicate veining, take a look at the marble that you can install in your entryway. It can add an upscale appearance to both small and large entryways. If you like a more laid-back style, ceramic tile in yellow, blue, or a variety of colours might work better for you. If you love an earthy vibe, consider adding slate or terracotta. Whenever you’re installing tile floors, you need to ensure that they adhere properly so that you can avoid drummy tiles, which are tiles that are loose. Poor installation techniques or larger structural problems with the room can cause drummy tiles.

two pictures of a tile/wooden inside of house

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Update Kitchen Countertops

Like floor tiles, countertop tiles come in a range of materials and styles. Glass, ceramic, and stone are all popular choices, and you can find them in a wide range of colours and textures. You can even get ceramic tiles with designs on them. Also, just like tiling on floors, major structural problems on your countertops can also cause drummy tiles, so make sure that your countertops are level and properly prepared so that your tiles adhere correctly.

white tiled bench in kitchen

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Install Tiles in the Living Room

Especially in regions that are hot the entire year, installing tile in the living room and even the bedrooms can be a great way to keep the house cooler. Large tiles in a light colour are especially good when you want the house to feel comfortable without running the air conditioning all of the time. If you want something soft underfoot in some areas, get a few area rugs, which will add some colour against white tile, too.

white tiled lounge and waiting room

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Kitchen and Bathroom Backsplashes

If you want to add flair to a kitchen or bathroom, choose some tiles for the backsplashes. Glass tiles come in a wide range of colours, and they can be clear or have a frosted appearance. They’ll tie together a whole room, and they can even serve as the primary inspiration when you’re choosing your towels and other kitchen and bathroom accessories.

white and grey walled kitchen

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