How to Fix and Repair Loose, Drummy,
Broken & Chipped Tiles

Tile replacement is an expensive process that takes time and causes a lot of mess – but our Tile Reglue Injection Method (TRIM) offers a tile repair solution that will make your woes disappear without breaking the bank!

So how does TRIM work? Rather than replacing tiles, we utilise the pressure injection of Injectabond adhesive beneath affected floor, wall, internal, and external tiles. The Injectabond then reglues tiles at the point of delamination and provides a positive bond from substrate to tile. The process of injecting this adhesive through adjoining grout means that TRIM provides a solution that won’t cover your house or business in dust, and it’s rapid-binding nature allows you to be back walking on your tiled area in just a few hours following treatment – minimising disruption to your home or business.

This isn’t just a temporary solution either. Injectabond possesses a 10-year manufacturers product warranty and has a 25-year tested service life against Australian Standards! Injectabond has also been specially designed to maintain flexibility, meaning that rebonded tiles will be able to accommodate further building movement and over the years. Injectabond adhesives are tested to and exceed over 300% elasticity. Super stretchy!

TRIM Injectabond is the ONLY compliant injection adhesive, under State legislations and is supported by 10 years manufacturers product warranty, with a 25 years tested service life.

Our services can be as low as 1/3 cheaper than traditional tile replacement, and offers you a tile repair solution that is permanent, no mess, and no fuss.

Tile gabs being filled

30 Years of Successful Re Fixing Loose Tiles in Bathrooms, Kitchens, Patios, and Pool coping.

TRIM is a proven solution – we’ve been repairing loose tiles on floors, walls, patios and pool surrounds for 30 years. With a method that’s been three decades in the making, we also possess the industry know-how, expertise, and experience to guarantee our tile repair solutions will work for you. We can guarantee that Injectabond won’t let you down. With our extensive experience and our industry-recognised method of tile repair, you can rest assured knowing that TRIM is solving your tile problems – quickly, cost-effectively, and to a high-quality.

TRIM Injectabond is Australian Standards Tested and Compliant

TRIM Injectabond is the ONLY compliant tile injection adhesive. Injectabond is a compliant and fit for purpose building material under State legislations with supporting manufacturers documentation. Due to the high-quality nature of these products, Injectabond adhesives are supported by our 10-year manufacturer’s product guarantee, allowing us to offer you additional peace of mind over our long-lasting repair solutions. TRIM has also been used as a preferred system by industry professionals – kitchen renovators and bathroom renovators, designers, project managers and builders.

Tile Reglue Injection Method is recognised by the Master Builders Association, the Housing Industry Association and Australian Government regulatory authorities.

Tiles being repaired

Where it Works

Kitchen sink with tiles
Repair Tiles on Bathroom and Kitchen Walls and Floors, Patios and Pools

Our Tile Reglue Injection Method can be used on ALL building surfaces and ALL types of tile.

  • Repair Ceramic tiles in your bathroom or kitchen
  • Fix Marble tiles and Porcelain tiles
  • Reglue loose tiles like Slate, Terracotta and Natural Stone Tiles
  • Repair and Reglue Composite Tiles and Vitrified tiles.
Nice bathroom modern tiles
Repair Wall Tiles

With our Tile Reglue Injection Method, you can repair loose wall tiles without all the hassle – you don’t have to remove tiles, remove shower screens, toilets or bathroom fittings. Our Tile Reglue Injection Method works everywhere, for all tiled surfaces, and all loose tile repairs.

  • Stabilise fragile , ‘peaked’ tiles, or ‘bowing’ tiles with a simple, clean, permanent operation
  • Eliminate removal of fittings – it can cause further damage
Outdoor Setting Tiles
Repair Bathroom, Kitchen and Patio Floor Tiles

Our Tile Reglue Injection Method is the simplest, most effective, time saving method.

  • Refix loose floor tiles without removal or cleaning or damage
  • Suitable for floor traffic in a few hours
  • Used in heavy traffic areas such as commercial buildings and shopping centre tiles
  • TRIM repairs can be carried out – without moving out. we work around you and maintain occupancy as TRIM repairs are dust and mess free.
  • Internal floor tiles and external floor tiles.
Outdoor tiles and pool
Repair Pool Tiles, Patio Tiles and External Deck Tiles

Don’t rip up the whole tiled surface to repair a few tiles! Don’t even think of it – think of Tile Reglue Injection Method instead!

  • Flexible Injectabond super-adhesive absorbs further movement
  • Fraction of cost of tile replacement
  • Does not disturb pool shell/bedding
  • Stabilise and protect surrounding tiles from excessive movement.
  • Release pressure from peaked tiles and tenting tiles.

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Don’t let those loose, defective, and noisy tiles ruin your day – TRIM is here to help!
Why remove and replace? – Inject and save!