Loose Floor Tile Repairs

Are your floor tiles perilously loose when you walk on them? Concerned about the creaking or crackling noises coming from tiles on your floor? Well worry no more – the Tile Reglue Injection Method (TRIM) has the solution to fix your floor tile woes!

TRIM will help to restore your floor tiles to a pristine state by re-adhering loose tiles with our Injectabond adhesives, saving you the worry of a messy full tile replacement for a fraction of the cost. Our method also ensures that no surrounding tiles are damaged, as TRIM repairs do not stress or affect surrounding sound tiles or bonded tiles. Cracked and missing grouting surrounding drummy tiles is repaired as we go. Broken tiles can be replaced with feature patterns selected by you, or minor chip repairs carried out as a selected service. No matter your problem, we have the solution – our services range from localised repairs to single tiles or large areas of loose tiles. This ranges from selected tiles to large commercial TRIM rectification in shopping centres, factories, showrooms or your local airport.

slightly lifted tiles in need of repairfreshly cleaned tiles

TRIM ensures rapid repairs – your floor tiles will be ready for foot traffic in just a few hours after service!

Available for external and internal tile repairs, and provides dust-free and mess-free permanent repair. 10 year manufacturer product warranty – 25 year tested service life.

TRIM is suitable for both domestic and large-scale commercial floor repairs. Compliant and tested to Australian Standards.

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Don’t let those loose, defective, and noisy tiles ruin your day – TRIM is here to help! Why remove and replace? – Inject and save!