Peaked and Tented Tiles

Have your tiles started to push up against one another, creating an unsightly bump? Have you heard the dreaded ‘crack’ of a tile during the middle of the night? This is a process known as ‘peaking’ or ‘tenting’ or ‘pyramiding tiles’– where minor building movement & built up pressure within your home cause compounding stress on tiles over time, leading them to be pushed upwards by the resulting pressure. Peaking is not only unpleasant to look at, as shattering tiles can also be a serious safety hazard. A peaked or tented roof is a roof that has an upward curve in the center. This type of roof is very common because it provides drainage for water to freely drain off of either side of the peak.

How to fix a tile tenting and mend movement joints

The most common way to fix this type of roof is to remove the peak, fill the sides and movement joints with quality tar paper, then put back up the peak. Other methods to fix tenting tiles include using shingles, replacing it with metal, or laying down a tile expansion on the floor.

Tile tenting is the most cost effective way to cover your roof or room, but they are also quite heavy and can be difficult for someone to put in place without tar paper in a house. If you do not want the difficulty of tenting tiles, then pressure shingles or metal installed by an industry specialist like ourselves might be a better choice.

Multiple factors go into roof replacement costs including how much square footage is being covered, the type of roofing material you choose, the extent of damages to your current roof, and where you live. Breakages may not be replaceable. Luckily, TRIM has the solution.

Using the Tile Reglue Injection Method, we can save your tiled area without the cost and hassle of complete tile replacement. We cut and release the pressure around peaked, tented tiles, carefully relay them, and inject surrounding loose tiles using TRIM – permanently restoring your tiled surface to a bonded and safe state. Broken or cracked tiles can be replaced with feature patterns, selected by you, when replacement tiles are not available. Saving the entire floor from costly replacement.

TRIM can also save peaked wall tiles. Releasing pressure, defying gravity and saving your wall tiles.

How to prevent peaked and tenting tiles

A house with a tile roof is not always a popular choice of roofing material because they can be very heavy to tile in the existing joints and tile expansion can cause stress without tar paper. There are several ways to prevent a tiled roof or floor from forming, but the best way is to replace them with another type of quality roofing material if you have a pitched roof, or correctly install multiple tiles in the joint of those that have been built.

It could be worth tiling and creating an expansion on a present perimeter, roof or floor to create a adhesive and concrete joints

It might also be worth considering replacing your shingle material if you have a metal roof as well.

If your tiles leak when it rains, there are some things that you can do to help with this problem. The two most common solutions for this problem include sealing up cracks with grout or using PVC clips over the crack where water is leaking into your house. After inserting a PVC clip, make sure to caulk the area around it with silicone sealant to prevent leakage.

The tile tenting removal and installation process involves the placement and movement of different tiles which can occur in almost any room, temperature surface and floor. The joints generally require only a little moisture to be able to be tented on, which prevents any future movement from the surface.

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TRIM stabilises fragile ‘peaked’ or ‘bowing’ tiles with a simple, clean, and inexpensive solution.

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TRIM also stabilises and protects surrounding tiles from excessive movement, for a fraction of the cost of full tile replacement!

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TRIM is supported by a 7-year workmanship guarantee, and our Injectabond adhesives possess a 10-year manufacturers product warranty for your ease of mind!

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