Ever heard of the term ‘drummy’? It’s what the construction folks call that funky hollow, drum-like sound you get when you tap stuff like concrete, cement render, wooden floors, or tiles with a special tool. So, what causes drummy tiles? 

Well, there are a bunch of reasons:

  1. Sometimes the tiler didn’t use enough adhesive, leaving hollow gaps.
  2. They might have used the wrong kind of adhesive.
  3. Tiles not sticking to the glue quickly enough, messing with the bond’s strength.
  4. The surface underneath is not being prepped right before tiling, like not letting concrete cure properly or not cleaning off the dust and dirt.
  5. Changes in temperature make things expand and contract.
  6. Flaws that happen during the tile-making process.
  7. Moisture issues, like a pipe deciding to burst and flood the place.
  8. People walk all over your freshly tiled floor before it’s had time to fully stick down.

Does that sound familiar? If you’ve been dealing with drummy tiles and the headaches they bring, look no further! At TRIM, we’re the experts in solving all your tiling problems. We specialise in tile adhesive solutions, proper surface prepping, and top-notch tile installation techniques.

Drummy Tiles Experts

Get your loose or drummy tiles repaired without having to replace them. For more than 30 years, the TRIM team has perfected our tile reglue injection method. We use this proven solution to repair drummy or loose tiles almost everywhere, from pools, patios, walls, and floors.

Plus, TRIM Injectabond is the only injection adhesive for repairing drummy tiles that is compliant under the State Legislations of Australia.

Drummy Tile Repairs

Is your tiled area giving you trouble? Don’t fret! We’ve got some straightforward solutions for you:

  1. Spot Fix: If only a small section of your drummy tiles is acting up, you don’t have to replace them all. Lift those troublesome tiles, clean them thoroughly, and reattach them. The key is to remove all the old adhesives and prepare the surface properly before reinstallation.
  2. Matching Tiles: If you need to find matching tiles, contact us. We have a vast collection of old and discontinued tiles in Australia. Bring a sample if possible, and consider the cost; sometimes, it’s more cost-effective to bring in new tiles.
  3. Grout Bonding: If your tiles are peeling off neatly, there’s a nifty trick. Skilled professionals can drill holes in the grout joints and inject a special liquid to bond the tiles back together. It’s a durable solution if the surface is reasonably smooth.

What Causes Drummy Tiles To Sound ‘Drummy’?

Drummy floor tiles, which often occur when there is excessive tile movement, can be attributed to a variety of causes. In many cases, issues with the screed underneath the floor tiles are at the root of the problem. If the screed is not properly prepared or if there are inconsistencies in its composition, it can lead to uneven support for the tiles, causing them to become drummy. Additionally, inadequate tile injection or adhesive application during installation can create voids beneath the tiles, resulting in the entire floor being susceptible to drummy tiles. Addressing these issues is crucial not only for aesthetic reasons but also to ensure the long-term integrity of both floor and wall tiles.

Moreover, sound drummy tiles not only compromise the aesthetics but can also lead to further damage. The audible hollow sound when walking on such tiles can indicate an underlying problem with the substrate. Neglecting these signs can result in more significant issues, potentially requiring costly repairs or flooring replacements. Therefore, it’s essential to address the causes of drummy tiles promptly to prevent any further deterioration and maintain the overall quality and safety of the flooring.

People Also Ask:

What is a drummy tile?

Drummy tiles are loose or debonded tiles. These could be wall, floor, patio or pool tiles. They are characterised by the hollow sound which can be heard when walked on or tapped with an object.

Are drummy tiles a defect?

It may be indicative of poor workmanship by the tiler or builder. Ideally, tiles should be laid with 100% coverage (the amount of surface area covered by tile adherent material).

They arise when less than the required amount of the adhesive under the tile is used. This means that the adherent material has to work a lot harder to maintain a bond between the tile and the substrate. Drummy tiles can also be caused by using the incorrect ratio of glue powder to water, inadequate mixing of the tile adhesive, incorrect preparation of the substrate, and by allowing the adhesive to dry out too much before laying tiles on it. Structural issues with the house or building are another cause of drummy, loose or tented tiles. Daily expansion and contraction caused by heating and cooling of the tiles put stress on the adhesive, causing sections which have been poorly applied to fail.

Why do tiles go drummy?

This could be due to age or because insufficient tile adhesive was used when the tile was laid. Structural movement in the floor or wall and/or an accumulation of moisture under the tiles can also lead to drummy tiles.

What happens if you don’t fix drummy tiles?

If loose tiles are left untreated, visible signs such as cracked grout, cracked tiles and even tiles that lift, peak or tent along one edge can develop. These signs are more frequently the reason for people to call tile repair companies, however repairs can be done more affordably and with less hassle if carried out at the loose tiles stage.

Fix Drummy Tiles & Floors | How Can We Help You Today?

If you have noticed loose tiles anywhere around your home or office, or if you’re at all concerned about the condition of your tiles, reach out to our friendly team today for a permanent and guaranteed repair solution. With 30 plus years of experience around Australia, you can rely on our hassle-free, simple repair method of tile injection to positively refix your tiles without removal and in no time at all.

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