Tiles add a great deal to any room. It’s a nice way to bring in lots of colour and texture. Designers are playing with tile ideas and new ways of seeing the world in the coming year. These trends are very much on point and all about bringing it to any room. If you’re thinking that you have drummy tiles, now might be the time to think about an upgrade. Having new tiles in place of the drummy tiles can create a whole new look in your home. Removing the drummy tiles and replacing them with these ideas is an easy way to upgrade any space.

The Rare Stones Look

Rare stones always look good. You don’t have to opt for the real thing to get that very same look in your own home. New ideas about such tiles have garnered a great deal of attention in recent years. Designers can now provide you with choices that are very much designed to look just like precious stones. The look is one that offers intense colour and incredible style in any room. You don’t have to deplete the earth to get an upscale look that will attract attention and admiration.

black and white tiled lounge room

Wood Look

Wood is always a welcome material in any space. Yet wood can be hard to care for over time and may need a lot care to stay in good shape. The solution are tiles that look just wood. While water can damage wood, it just washes over the wood look tiles. Look for wood look tiles in colours and textures that fit in with the rest of the wood in the space. For example, if you have a large expanse of blond wood in the living room, bring that same wood look into the bathroom.

wooden floor studio

Warm Colours

Color is again taking centre stage in the field of design. You can make use of colour in your own home with the use of properly chosen tiles. A series of tiles in vivid shades can help any room in your home pop. Think about your favourite shades. Chances are you’ll find those shades in the tiles being set up for the next year. Deep colours like cobalt blue and kelly green are especially popular for those who want to bring the outdoors inside. Add in pleasingly neutral white and you’ll have a very harmonious home look.

pink tiled wall eating area

Bas Relief

Tiles that pull away from the wall with a three dimensional look are also popular this year. This is a great way to help spark up a relatively bland space. You’ll find many different kinds of bas relief tiles in varied patterns. These can include relatively standard forms such as simple vertical or horizontal stripes. They can also include more complex patterns that can bring in a special touch to that otherwise ordinary room. These can serve as a set aside point in your room. Use them as a focal point or allow the tiles to fade into the background with subtle flair.

rose ingraved bathroom