With the right tile repair Tasmania services at your disposal, restoring the walls or floors to their former glory is possible. The benefits of choosing tile repair Tasmania treatments over replacements include convenience, financial savings, and the chance to see faster results. However, those rewards will only be seen if you choose the right contractor. Use the following checklist for guidance when analysing your options and you won’t go far wrong. 


Financial savings are one of the main reasons for choosing tile repairs over replacements. So, before you even consider hiring a tiler in Tasmania, you need to know that the finances add up. Otherwise, you may as well opt for new tiles altogether. 

Bathroom tiles, for example, cost anywhere between $35 and $120 per m2. Technically, then, anything cheaper than this figure can be considered a success. However, speaking to a tile repair Tasmania specialist who will reduce your overheads by limiting the work to a localised area is preferred. Crucially, you will want an accurate quote ahead of starting any project.


Experience Tile Repair Tasmania 

When looking for a reliable tiler, you need one that has a track record of delivering great results. Inferior work will only leave you with a more expensive project down the line. An experienced contractor is the best choice for your home and peace of mind.

With TRIM Loose Tiles, you gain the support of an experienced team that has spent over three decades supporting people like you. From loose wall and floor tile repair to peaked and tented tiles, our experts specialise in virtually all types of repairs. Sadly, inexperienced firms may only produce compromised quality, even when they set out with the best intentions.



Tile repairs can be completed using one of several methods. Tile Reglue Injection Method (TRIM) solutions don’t only restore the look of your tiles. Crucially, it is a process that is guaranteed to stand the test of time, which is why it is truly as good as brand new tiles.

A 10-year manufacturer’s product warranty is supported by a 25-year tested service life against Australian Standards. The injection adhesive can also be used on walls, floors, pool tiles, and pretty much any type of tile in the home. A tile repairs Tasmania specialist that can offer this service, which usually costs two-thirds less than replacements, is preferred



When looking for the best tile repair services, the key is to find the right match for you. Geographic location is an important aspect as you want the tiling contractor to provide a prompt and punctual service. It also means you can call them back if deemed necessary.

TRIM Loose Tiles is located in Longford and can serve clients throughout the Apple Isle. if you need a fast and reliable tile repair Tasmania service, we’re #1 for customer satisfaction. While our success can be attributed to far more than a convenient location, there is no doubt that it will play a positive role in ultimately enabling you to secure the right support. 



Seeing is believing, especially when dealing with tiling. After all, the aesthetic outcomes will have a telling impact on whether the repair work is a success. A portfolio of work is particularly important and any strong tile repair specialist in Tasmania will show theirs.

Aside from verifying the quality of the work, it can be a great way to gain insight into aesthetic options. Not least in relation to the surrounding features and homewares that may be used to bring your kitchen or bathroom to life. When combined with a company’s licences and qualifications, you can be sure that they are legitimate and capable.



While the quality of the tiling work should be your priority, you also deserve an agreeable service. Clear and responsive communication should be at the heart of it. This is the only way to be sure that your tile repair specialist will tailor the treatment to your needs.

Good communication should not be limited to telephone calls or emails either. A good contractor will provide a valuable service, but a great one will go the extra mile. This could manifest as explaining the reasons for your loose tiles. In turn, you will be far better positioned to maintain the restored look for years to come. 


Get Your Tile Repair Tasmania Started Now

If your floor or wall tiles have seen better days, tile repair Tasmania services can restore the look of your home in the quickest time.

To find out more, call TRIM Loose Tiles to discuss your project today.