Identifying the Underlying Issues

If you’ve ever had loose tiles on your roof, you’ll know just how frustrating they can be to deal with. Not only do they make your home look unloved and unattractive, but they’ll also pose something of a safety risk – they can fall at any time – and they’ll let water inside, which leads to damp and mould. All in all, loose tiles are the last thing any homeowner is going to want. The issue is that they happen all the time, and sometimes you might not even know until it’s too late; you can’t see every inch of your roof at all times. 

If you know some of the causes of loose tiles, however, it will be easier to spot that you’ve got them (or might have them), and you can make all the necessary checks and put fixes in place before too much damage is done. With that in mind, keep reading to find out what the main causes of loose tiles are so you can be prepared, no matter what happens next. 

Bad Application 

It might not come as too much of a surprise to find that one of the main causes of loose tiles is bad application in the first place. If a tile isn’t put onto a roof in the right way and with enough care and expertise, the likelihood is that it’s not going to stay where it’s put for very long. 

It’s often the adhesive element that’s to blame at this point because if this isn’t spread across the tile evenly or it’s not strong enough, that tile is going to become loose and slip much sooner than it normally would because it’s just not bonding to the underlying surface. 

You’re not necessarily going to know whether or not your roof tiles were installed with quality adhesive or by professionals who took pride in their work, especially if it’s an older roof, so it can often be a good idea to hire experts to take a look for you, just to be sure. 

Substrate Issues 

The substrate is the surface where the tiles are stuck to on your roof, and this clearly plays an important role in keeping everything where it’s meant to be. If there’s a substrate issue, this can definitely be one of the causes of loose tiles that you’ll need to be wary of. 

Problems with the substrate include it being uneven, cracks appearing (possibly due to age), or it generally being unstable in some way, and these things will all lead to loose tiles because everything is shifting. Again, unless you know what to look for, you’re not always going to know this is a problem, and having an annual roof inspection can allay your fears and put things right if there is an issue. 

Moisture And Water Damage

Too much moisture or water damage to a roof can cause the adhesive to become less sticky and effectively wash away, leaving your tiles with nothing much to cling onto. The longer it is before this is noticed and fixed, the worse the damage becomes, and eventually, you’ll find tiles falling from the roof and smashing on the ground, which is dangerous and costly. 

The areas over your bathroom and kitchen are the ones most likely to have this issue because of the humidity those rooms have, which will seep into the roof. Make sure you have good ventilation in your home in general, but specifically in the kitchen and bathroom, and you can help to make this less of a problem. 

Temperature Fluctuations 

If you live in an area with drastic temperature changes, the materials on your roof will expand and contract as the temperature rises and falls, and that includes your tiles and the adhesive they’re stuck with. 

When it comes to causes of loose tiles, this one might be something of a surprise – you’ll expect bad weather to be an issue, but warm temperatures? That’s less common to be aware of, but now you know, you can take care to check your roof more often and put the issues you find there right. 

High Winds 

Of course, one of the most obvious causes of loose tiles has to be high winds – it makes sense that if the wind is strong and it blows past and over your roof, it’s potentially going to loosen some tiles and maybe even take some tiles with it. 

After particularly windy weather is the ideal time to check your roof for any loose tiles or holes because if it’s left too long, you’ll have much bigger problems to deal with. 

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