Floor tiles are a fantastic way to add unique class and personality and appeal to any living space. From your kitchen to the bathroom and beyond, there are many areas where tiles can enhance the appearance. You may even have been blessed to have tiles in your home when you moved in, especially if you purchased an old property. 

However, tiles still require care and maintenance like any other flooring. There may come a point when you are unsure if it’s time to replace your tiles, and here is some advice to highlight the best time to replace your tiles. 

Clean Or Replace?

You don’t always need to replace your tiles. Sometimes, you may need to clean the tile instead. This is most common when you can restore the tiles, and there are no significant aesthetic or audible issues. Stains, dirt, or wear and tear are easy to overcome with cleaning to make your tiles look as good as new. 

However, this is not always the best solution, and your tiles may need replacing if you encounter any of these issues. 

Cracked Tiles 

A broken or cracked tile should always be replaced. Not only does it look bad and therefore affect the style and appearance of your home. It can also be dangerous, especially if you have small children, pets, or seniors living with you. 

The sharp edges of a cracked tile could pierce the skin. While chips could become lodged in the foot when walking over them. Regardless of how many tiles are cracked, replace them as quickly as possible.  

Loose Tiles 

Loose or lifting tiles are another issue to look out for and should be dealt with immediately. They pose several problems, including surface instability which increases trip hazards. However also an increase in moisture. If water gets under the tiles, it could cause floorboards to rot, and if this rot spreads, it could become a much more expensive household repair. Because of this, you should never ignore loose tiles and take steps to solve the problems immediately. 

Missing Tiles 

If you have moved into a new home and found missing tiles on the wall or floor, you should get them replaced. Any holes in the floor create an ugly appearance which is the last thing you want from your home. 

It isn’t just appearances that should encourage you to replace missing tiles. Though, if you are missing a floor tile, the dent in the ground increases the chances of people stubbing their toe or tripping. Which puts everyone in danger. 

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Drummy Tiles

Drummy tiles occur when mistakes or carelessness have occurred during the installation process. The tiler may have used the wrong adhesive or not enough adhesive. Which creates a hollow drummy noise when you tap the tile. 

This can affect all tiles or just a small section of tiles. If there is a large area, you may need to replace all your tiles. While you can lift and replace the smaller sections without the expense a full-scale replacement could bring. 

Low-Quality Tiles 

As with many things in life, you will get what you pay for. If the previous owners cut corners when paying for tiles, they may have purchased low-quality tiles. These are usually made from insufficient and weaker materials. Which increases the risk of damage that can affect the home’s appearance and safety. If multiple tiles break with little pressure applied, this is a sign of low quality. Or you may be better off replacing all the tiles. 

Poor Craftsmanship

Similarly, poor craftsmanship can lead to a variety of issues. Drummy tiles are one example already stated. However misalignment or simply a shoddy appearance are other examples of poor craftsmanship. When replacing poorly installed tiles, you should contact a respected and professional tiling service to avoid this issue arising again. 

Old Homes 

Although old homes have a reputation for being built to last, everything has a shelf life. If you have purchased an older home with its original tiling, you may need to replace tiles . As they may have reached the end of their life. You can remove and replace all tiles at once or only replace damaged tiles to give your home a new lease on life and create a unique tile pattern. 

Replacing Your Tiles 

Any of these instances is a sign that it’s time to replace your tiles. By doing so, your home can reflect the elegance and functionality you want to cultivate and ensure that every room looks perfect. There’s no point in waiting too long to replace tiles, so when you notice a problem, you can take steps to repair issues quickly.