If you’re looking for a great way to upgrade the look of your home while also keeping things highly functional, then installing some new tiles might be just the thing.

Old, worn tiles are a feature that can quickly date the look of your home, and repairing or replacing them can make a huge difference. Check out these top 5 ways you can improve your home with tiles for some great ideas on how to get started!

1. Set off your kitchen with a bright tile backsplash.

Nothing upgrades a room like a bright pop of colour, and the texture of tiles can add an extra layer of visual interest. It’s best to choose a shade that fits in with the colour scheme of the rest of your home while still offering a lot of contrast within the bounds of your kitchen.

This same concept can be applied to bathrooms and other tiled areas in your home as well. Bright or contrasting borders around the edges of your floor can also dramatically change the room’s look!

Tile Splashback

2. Go with a patterned tile for a distinct style.

If you find yourself needing tile repair or replacement, then welcome the opportunity to work with patterned or textured tiles! After all, colour isn’t the only way you can upgrade the look of your home.

Adding in a few tiles with embossed patterns or a natural stone look can give your room or walkway an artistic, creative feel and make it completely unique.

white kitchen with tea pots

3. Set off your shower’s base tiles with contrasting trim.

Not only can trim offer better protection around the corners in your bathroom, but it can add a classy new look as well! Edging tiles can be used to form a distinct, finished visual border on the outside of your shower and make your entire bathroom look more polished.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even use certain types of tile trim to break up the base tiles and add a bit of visual interest in your shower at eye level.

4. Keep up with tile repair to avoid a run-down feel.

Nothing dulls the shine of your home like components that are visibly broken or in ill repair. If you have broken tiles in your home, you’ll want to prioritise fixing those up before moving on to other decorative elements. Cracked tiles can allow moisture to seep into your walls, increasing the likelihood of a mold problem on top of looking dingy.

When you get ready to tackle tile repair, look critically at what will be necessary. Will you need to replace the tiles on the entire wall panel, or can you get away with a few smaller tile repairs?

5. Use base tiles and trims to visually divide your space.

You don’t have to just reserve trim tiles for the edges and corners of a room–you can use them to divide your walls into elegant panels as well. This technique works best in larger, more open spaces such as a master bathroom or an open kitchen.

Tile trims can also be used to accentuate architectural features or appliance cubbies in your home for a refined, finished look. For instance, you can use a different type of tile to provide a beautiful backdrop for your sink and vanity area while using trim to set it apart from the rest of the room.