So you’re in the process of building your dream home and the next project ahead is the bathroom. It’s important to plan wisely when it comes to a key area of the home such as the bathroom. Why? Well, it’s the one place that tends to get the most usage, that and the kitchen of course.

Designing a bathroom that’s not only functional for the space but that’s also long-lasting is important to provide you with plenty of value for the money spent. Part of the design process is choosing the materials for the bathroom. Therein poses a question, do you go for timber or tiles?

This guide will share everything you need to know about using timber and tiling in your bathroom, including which one is best for your space. Not only that but we’ve got some top tips on getting the most out of your bathroom design in general!

Tiltes in the bathroom.

The benefits of timber

Timber provides a soft under footing that tiles can somewhat have a disadvantage against. With timber, you get what you expect which is a home that’s warm and has a natural atmosphere that’s created because of it.

There are many different styles of timber that you can utilize too, whether that be a traditional feel or a more contemporary look.

With the warmth that timber provides, it will suit homes that often feel cold and require a little extra insulation to add to the space. They’re versatile enough to suit any home design in the bathroom.

The benefits of tiles

Tiles whether you choose drummy tiles or lifting tiles, come in a variety of formats. They offer cool padding on the floor which might be much appreciated when stepping out of a hot bath or shower.

You’ve also got the option of heating tiling, should you be the type of person that prefers a bit more warmth under their feet.

With tiling, you’ve also got a wide range of options to suit any colour scheme or design that you’re going for. Whether it’s a vintage or retro look, to a more simple and refined style, there’s a lot to choose from. 

Timber vs tiles – which one is better?

In the battle of timber and tiles, which one is the preferred choice? If you’re looking for more variety, then we’d certainly recommend you opt for the tile. Tiling is beneficial not only for the options available but for the affordability too. With tiling, the choice is vast and you’re likely to get more value for your money.

Not only that but with tiling, the chances of it lasting for the long term are greater than that of timber.

Top tips for designing a dream bathroom

Need some more inspiration when it comes to designing a dream bathroom? Here are some top tips for helping make the most out of your bathroom design.

Design for the space

Designing the space is important. While you may want a standing shower, the space might not function properly for it. We all have to be accommodating with the space we do have and so it’s important to design a bathroom that’s going to adapt to what room is available. Try not to go over the top and make it cramped. 

If you have limited room, consider the use of the storage available on the walls rather than taking it up with under-the-sink storage that could fill up more of this limited space.

Splurge on the necessities

When it comes to the necessities like the toilet or the bathtub, be sure to splurge. It’s always good to invest in the appliances you’re going to be using day in, and day out.

The smaller touches are where you’re able to save money.

Add colour with soft furnishings 

While it might seem like a good idea to go with bright and bold colours on the walls and floors, it’s something that can go out of style. Alternatively, you may find you go off the look of it in the future. With colour, it’s worth keeping this to the soft furnishings instead. That way, you can swap out the colour whenever you feel like you’ve had enough of it.

Creating a bathroom space from scratch is a great opportunity for any homeowner so in your quest to build the perfect home, make sure to take it carefully during the bathroom design. Think it out from the materials to the layout of the space. Every detail is important to ensure it’s right for you and your home.