Tiles have been around for quite a while. In 2021, tile trends have taken it up a notch. There are numerous marvelous tile trends that are guaranteed to give your home an appealing look. You can use these tiles in any room of your home, where they will complement the beauty of the room while providing you with excellent services. This article covers some of the tile trends in 2021.

Gorgeous Bathroom Tile Design

Magical Moroccan style tiles

These are the top trend in the year 2021. These tiles are durable and very easy to clean. In addition, they come with a variety of patterns and colors from which you can choose from. Using these tiles in your home helps you in updating the general outlook of any room. You can use them on the floor or walls.

moroccan style tiles in dining area


Terrific Terrazzo

These tiles have continued to dominate in terms of trend and style. These tiles are very stylish and brighten up your home. Terrific Terrazzo is inexpensive and very appealing. These tiles have an unmatched texture and have various fragments. Bringing these tiles in your home brings along a modern and exquisite look as well.

terrazzo style tiles

Wood Looking Tiles

Wood has a generally appealing outlook in your home. Therefore, tiles that mimic the appearance of the wood are guaranteed to bring the same feeling to your home. The market has seen an increase in wood-looking tiles, which are becoming a trend in 2021.

wood effect tiles

Tile Repair

Accidents may occur within the house. Someone may drop a heavy object by accident and end up damaging a tile or two. This should not make you replace the tiles, especially if you had no such budgetary plans. There are a few ways in which you can repair your tiles.

Tile repair involves cleaning the tile using alcohol and a clean cloth and then apply a glue substance such as epoxy to help bring the cracked parts together and make it one again. Another form of tile repair involves using the broken tiles to come up with a mosaic. This is a creative way to utilize any excess tiles or broken tiles in your home.

  • Place the pieces on whatever surface you wish to create the mosaic on
  • Arrange them in the desired form
  • Use cement and water following the guidelines outlined by the cement manufacturer
  • Then clean out any cement remnants on top of the tiles