Everyone loves a clean and shiny bathroom, but people often have different tastes when it comes to the colours and tiles in their bathrooms. While some love glass tiles, others love natural stone, while another group loves porcelain or ceramic tiles. All these materials have their advantages and disadvantages, but the bottom line will always be how easy are they to maintain. Maintaining your bathroom tiles is no easy task, but it becomes one if you make it a routine.

In a real sense, the bathroom should always be clean such that it feels as if you are in a room when you get in. This article will help you better your skills in cleaning and maintaining your bathroom tiles.

Tips to Help You Clean and Maintain your Bathroom Tiles

  1. Clean your bathroom every day

It might seem tiresome to clean the bathroom every day, but that is one of the most incredible tips for a well-maintained bathroom. Ensure that you rinse the soap on the walls and the floor. Spot clean your mirrors, countertops, backlash and sink to ensure that you don’t leave soap and toothpaste all over.

Cleaning bathroom tiles


  1. Deep clean the bathroom regularly

This involves using the right antibacterial bathroom cleaners to scrub and scour the whole bathroom. Don’t be in a hurry when you want to do a deep cleaning of your bathroom. Whether you are using a homemade or purchased cleaner, give it time to set for better results. Ensure that you mop and vacuum the washroom to ensure that tiny particles such as hair are suctioned. Ensure that after the cleaning, you dry all the surfaces.


  1. Use hot water

Soaking your bathtub, sink and hot vapour on the mirrors helps clean adamant stains. When you use hot water and smear, the cleaning agent all over the bathroom tiles enables you to get a better result than when you clean using cold water.


  1. Clean from top to bottom

For a better outcome, work your way from the top to the bottom. When you are doing your deep cleaning, start with the bathroom windows, tiled walls and progress to the mirrors. The countertop, sink and tub are then to follow. The floor should be the last to clean so that you mop it towards the door. Dry the surface and then give it room to dry off.


A person wiping tile walls

  1. Seal the grout and the tiles

One reason you will need a TILE REPAIR sooner is if water gets under the tiles. That leads to the damage of tiles where they absorb moisture and end up breaking. For better maintenance of your bathroom, then ensure that the grout and tiles are sealed. If your tiles are already damaged, a TILE REPAIR is the only option you got. Broken TILE REPAIR requires the following.

  • Clean the broken tiles. Ensure it is dry.
  • Apply a primer and then high gloss paint of the same colour.
  • Apply some epoxy on it when it is dry and allow it to set.
  • If the tiles are beyond repair, please consider removing them and replacing them with new ones.