Perhaps you want to open your home as an AirBnb or to sell it. You want to command the highest price possible. The timing offers the ideal time to renovate unless you are short on funds.

You can use these five simple actions to improve your home cost little, but make a huge impact. You can do small things that make a big impact on the outside and inside of your home while spending less than $2,000.

Enhance its Curb Appeal

front yard curb appeal with stunning violet flowers in a bush

You can make your home more attractive by manicuring the lawn and edging it. Plant shrubs and flowers. Power wash your home’s exterior. Patch any cracks in the driveway and sidewalk. On the front porch, portico, patio and walkways, replace loose tiles or hollow tiles.

Spiff Up the Entryway

a brown cabinet and a rug in a stylish entryway

Re-paint the walls. Replace chipped trim and tiles. Also, repair or replace Hollow Tiles, Creaky Tiles & Loose Tiles. When you find creaky tiles, examine the subfloor beneath. You may need to replace the subfloor boards or reinforce it to stop the creaking. Replace any cracked or broken glass panes. If your entry door or storm door looks worn, replace it. If you do not have a storm door, install one.

Also, on the interior, add Smart Technology

a person operating a smart home device

Smart homes command greater prices. Adding a smart thermostat or smart appliances makes an older home instantly more modern. Smart home’s use less energy, so you save money if you are keeping the property to rent. The buyer saves money on future bills if you sell.

Landscape the back yard, too

a man in a checkered shirt laying down turf

Plant trees and shrubs. Add natural pathways. If you have a tile patio or walkways, again look for the Hollow Tiles, Creaky Tiles & Loose Tiles. Replace them so everything looks new. Try to create a unified look to the landscape with a focal point. This could be a statue or a garden bed, but some attractive point should draw people’s attention when they enter the yard from the back door or the back gate.

Build a Deck

a stylish deck with a curved wooden seat

Add to the home itself if you do not have a swimming pool. Add the deck to the swimming pool, if you do have one.

You can add to your home’s value without sinking tens of thousands of dollars into its renovation. You can easily give it an updated look and feel with little investment and minimal effort.