Interior design is forever changing and what trends from one season to the next makes it exciting for those who love to play with the design of their home.

While minimalism is often the driving force behind most interior design efforts nowadays, nostalgia from previous decades is coming back alive. The retro era is one that has popped back and is making a serious comeback in all areas of the home.

For those who aren’t afraid of colour or anything beyond neutral palettes, will love the benefits that retro design and interiors provide to a space. If retro-inspired interiors are something you’re looking to embrace with your home this year, there are plenty of ways to incorporate it.

Vintage tiles are also a great material to use for retro design and so this guide will show you how to combine retro-inspired interiors with the use of such tiles.

What does retro mean in interior design?

So what does retro mean when it comes to interior design? The retro era of interior design was inspired by the 1950s to the 1980s. Retro means a mix of old and new, meaning you’re combining two elements of design that pair well together (DesignBx).

Retro isn’t an outdated aesthetic by any means and when it comes to home design, just like fashion, it has a habit of repeating itself over time. 

While you’ve got the original style of retro, home interior designs have added that contemporary touch with a more playful approach to its uses in a property. From geometric shapes and funky colours, it’s a type of interior design that breathes life into the room.

How to incorporate retro looks with vintage tiles

How can you incorporate vintage tiles into a space to create that iconic retro look? Whether you want to dress the space from head to toe or you’re looking to highlight key areas of the space, tile is often a very versatile option to use around the home.

Vintage tiles come in all styles and designs, which makes them equally unique from one tile to the next. That’s what makes it so exciting when using them within the space because you can guarantee each home that uses them will look unique in itself. Here are a few ways to incorporate retro looks by using vintage tiles.

Mix and match tiles 

When it comes to creating that retro feel, it’s important to throw out the rule book on matching your tiles. If anything, a retro approach to tiling is mixing and matching what you have available. Whether it’s a Victorian tile style or a Mediterranean feel, it’s good to mix and match the tiles so that you’re not necessarily creating any semblance of pattern or form.

Play about with the layout of the tiles and make sure you’re happy with how each of them looks next to each other before applying them to the surface desired.

Make use of decorative geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are often incorporated heavily when it comes to retro design. Whether it’s half-circle shapes to squares and triangles, consider what works best for the area you’re working on. There are lots of variations and when it comes to geometric shapes, you’ll find that almost every style will have that retro feel, especially with vintage tiles.

Go bold with colour

There’s no going back when it comes to retro styles and that means going all out with colour. The bolder the colour, the more retro the space will feel. Experiment with the colour palette you want to create in the room not just with the vintage tiles but also with the furniture you’re incorporating into the space.

Think about intricate detail

Intricate details are a great way to inject a little extra into your retro design. There are a lot of vintage tiles that have intricate features on them so look out for these on your tiling choices.

What spaces work well with tiles?

There are lots of spaces within the home that work with tiles. From your kitchen to the bathroom and garden, to even laying them down on items of furniture like your coffee table or bedside tables.

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