Tiles is an extremely popular floor choice for areas like the kitchen and bathroom because there are various options, and it is a very durable flooring material. In addition, it is water-resistant, stain-resistant and bug resistant.

Wall tiles

Tile can be the go-to flooring option, but like all things, it is not perfect. Tiles can be damaged. Broken tiles can be hard to deal with. So here are some great tips to keep the tile from being cracked, damaged or broken. Once the floor is broken you need to get a tile repair expert to come in and fix the problem. Broken tiles will no longer be your issue.

Tiles Proper Grout

You must get the tile installed correctly. Gaps between tiles need to be filled with grout. Otherwise, people walking on the floor can chip the tile with their shoes, furniture, broom, etc. The grout needs to be level with the tiles, so they don’t stick out.

Note: Be sure to use grout that doesn’t have sand in it. Sand in grout comes loose and can be picked up by movement, causing scratches.

Handle Furniture Carefully

Put furniture protectors on the bottom of the furniture. The protectors will help prevent scratches from furniture moving.

What To Do If The Tile Cracks?

Man Fixing Tile

Cracked floors don’t look very good, but you could probably live with a tile or two if you place a rug over it, right? Unfortunately, no. Tile repair is important if the tile cracks even a little. Cracked floor tiles offer an opening in the floor where moisture can get in. So your best option is to repair or fix the tiles that crack or break before you have other problems.

Tile Epoxy and Paint

If the crack is minor, repair it with epoxy and paint. Remove dust and dirt and use tile cleaner to remove any grease. Wipe the area clean and let dry. Use a clear epoxy to fill the split. If the crack is thin, use a toothpick or wood craft tool to get the epoxy in the space. Allow it to cure, and then apply a small amount of urethane paint in the colour of the tile to the dry epoxy. Brush a sealer over the colour when it dries.

What to Do with Broken Tiles?

When the tile completely breaks, you will have to replace the tile with a new one. You can call in a professional to do it for you, or you can do it yourself.

Note: Be sure to wear safety equipment like goggles. Broken tiles have sharp pieces that can cut like glass, so wear work gloves.

Use a grout saw to clean up the areas around the break. Once you remove the grout, remove the pieces of tile. Use a chisel to remove the old adhesive from the floor. Set the replacement tile using new adhesive and grout.

Non-Matching Tiles

On older floors, you may not be able to find a matching tile for your floor. You can add a similar-looking tile but you will still notice the difference. In these cases, it may be best to call in a tile repair flooring expert and get the flooring in the room replaced.

All in All

When you have a tile floor you need to keep it in good shape and protect it as much as possible. However, when it does crack or break, it is important to fix the problem as soon as possible, otherwise you risk having humidity infiltrate through the floor and cause more breakage or other issues like humidity, insect infiltration and more.