Renovation can transform your property’s various areas, including your kitchen. Indeed, this  kitchen is regarded as the heart of the home and a space where family memories are built. The first thing people change when upgrading their kitchen is the tiles, which are crucial for aesthetic and functional reasons. Tiles add personality and style to the kitchen, but the key is to choose durable and easy-to-clean options. Here are some tips for choosing the right ones for your kitchen renovation.

Determine your budget

You will find kitchen tiles in a wide budget spectrum, but the high-quality ones may sometimes require more funds. So, if you have a low budget, you will need to research more to find the best tiles that offer the most for your renovation. Bear in mind that low-priced tiles don’t necessarily mean cheap quality. Therefore, if your budget is a concern, you can still find kitchen tiles in a price bracket you can conveniently afford. By narrowing down your options, you can avoid overspending or getting into debt because you exceeded your means.

Consider your lifestyle

Assessing your daily routine and how much time you spend in your kitchen can help influence the right tile choice for your kitchen renovation. The presence of pets and young children would mean purchasing options that can withstand spills and stains. An easy-to-clean tile set will be your best bet. It is also important to consider how often you entertain guests and the extended family in your home. Doing so frequently means the kitchen will become a high-traffic part of the house. Some of these questions can be difficult to answer because lifestyles often change. Therefore, choose tile options with the abovementioned features to avoid managing high-maintenance floors. TRIM has several tile options you can choose from to suit your lifestyle.

Look at trends

While you want your kitchen to reflect your style, it’s also important to consider current trends. You don’t want to choose tiles that look outdated in a few years. Unless your home theme is vintage or antique, that option may be unsuitable for your kitchen renovation. It would be best to look at current kitchen floor trends to see popular styles. Usually, subway, hexagonal, and patterned tiles are used in many households. Browsing through various styles can also help you determine what’s in vogue and find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Kitchen with tiles

Know the right material

Tiles are made from various materials, including ceramic, porcelain, marble, slate, glass, limestone, and granite. Each one is suitable for varied purposes and looks better in different parts of the house. With the kitchen being in focus here, it is advisable to choose the tile material carefully. Undoubtedly, the material type will determine the cost, but choosing something fit for the purpose is best. For example, marble and granite tiles add a luxurious appeal to your kitchen but require more maintenance. If you don’t have the time or financial resources to use this tile material for your kitchen floors, then ceramic tiles will be your go-to choice.

Consider the size and layout of your kitchen

Determining your kitchen’s size, layout, and design features may impact the type of tiles you choose. With a small kitchen, laying large tiles can make the place look more spacious than it is. In sharp contrast, home design experts say a large kitchen with smaller tiles creates depth and adds more interest to the area. Additionally, organic-shaped tiles can infuse character into your home if the original kitchen layout comes with many straight lines. If you have a pillar running down from the ceiling, the best way to accentuate it is to use patterned or plain tiles for the floor. The decision to use plain or patterned kitchen floor tiles will depend on whether the pillar is the focal point.

Hire a professional for advice

Professionals like TRIM bring a wealth of experience to the table. We can offer valuable advice on choosing the right tile quality for your home. A professional must present the safety features of each tile type. Through our expertise, you will likely discover ceramic tiles are more fire-resistant than other types. That may convince you to choose ceramic tiles because the kitchen handles many fire activities. While you can install tiles yourself, it’s best to hire a professional if you want a flawless finish. A professional will ensure that your tiles are installed properly, and any necessary adjustments are made, saving you time and money in the long run.


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