Having leftover tiles and you don’t know what to do with them? Below is an easy, fun project for you to do. After a Tile Repair job, you can be amazed at the things you can craft on your own with leftover pieces and save money along the process.

Custom Tile Coasters

Painted tile coasters on a table

Using leftover lite from a previous Tile Repair can leave you with tiles of different sizes and shapes, ideal for your favourite table cubs. For a plain or original look, smoothen the edges with sandpaper, then add felt pads on the bottom to keep them from scratching the table.

Customize your coasters to a designer work of art, using permanent vinyl, images, scrapbook paper. You will need a mod podge, mod podge, crystal clear enamel, and felt pads to bind everything together and use it as a coaster or even give another person a gift.

Tabletop Tile Finish

A ceramic tile table top with wooden legs

A tabletop with a ceramic tile finish from leftover repair tiles are not only suitable for budget-saving, but they can help transform an old piece of furniture into a modern, unique, and beautiful work of art. Ceramic tabletops bring out an artistic nature by brightening up the house with different colours and themes from different pattern and styles, giving it a unique raw natural look.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor as the material is heat resistant, less sensitive to scratches, and resistant to stains, making it easy to clean.

Recycled Tile Jewelry Hanger

A tile jewelry hanger

Carrying out house Tile Repair can help the leftover broken pieces mould into a unique hexagon marble hanger. Take small wooden blocks drill on the wall on one side the other use a strong adhesive glue to stick the marble tile in place, and you can place as many as you want to your design and liking. These will create more shelf space for your necklaces and bracelets and still deliver a beautiful finish to the wall and the whole display unit.

Used as Mosaic Plant Verse or Stand

A mosaic table top

You can use the broken leftover unwanted pieces of tiles from a previous repair job and build a colourful plant verse with inspiring mosaic tile that will bring a boring plant verse to a beautiful classic look. You can arrange the small pieces of tiles to a pattern of your choosing to a decorative mosaic finish.

DIY Tile Wall Art

Three tiles decorated on the wall

You can ask the tiler to develop a decorative piece of art from the leftover tiles for a DIY project. These can save you money if you have a shortage of artwork on the wall. You can come up with a variety of art from mosaics, drawings, and patterns.

Tile Serving Tray

A man serving breakfast on a tray

When doing home Tile Repair, you can use the leftover pieces to make a serving tray. You can use plywood to create wooden handles at both ends. These can be a great gift or a DIY home project that goes together with tile coasters, a simple to make with a gorgeous look that matches the interiors of your living space.