Creating the Perfect Outdoor Pool Area

For people who have an in-ground pool, creating the best patio around it can make all the difference in the world in how enjoyable the area is. With a proper design of tile and concrete accents, the pool area can be the perfect setting for family fun and entertaining.

pool with a view

Poolside Patios

When designing the patio area, the space directly next to the in-ground pool should have a high finish tile. This will not only bolster the look of the pool area but will also offer a softer transition for people getting out of the pool. Plain concrete can cause tears in bathing suits and be uncomfortable for people who are on the patio. Concrete can also be very hot on the feet. By using a combination of tile with concrete accents, homeowners can create a beautiful and safe patio area that won’t put tears in bathing suits, is less inclined to heat spikes and is quite comfortable to sit on by the pool.

Tiles for poolside patios come in diverse colours, shapes, and sizes which is perfect for allowing homeowners to be a bit creative. Some homeowners prefer larger tiles to bolster the continuity of textures and design. However, smaller tiles can be lovely and offer greater diversity in designing the patio area. Patio designs can range from curved shapes, shapes that match the pool, or specific designs like rectangular shapes. While these are the most traditional, homeowners can essentially create any design around their pool they would like. An increasingly popular trend is the creations of multi-tiered patios and outside living areas attached to poolside patios.

To get the best results for a poolside patio, homeowners should work with a tile and concrete mason. Homeowners can get some great ideas from online research, pool magazines, and from a highly qualified mason contractor. It’s important to note that some designs may be more challenging to complete based on the landscaping and the topography of the land surrounding the pool area.

For homeowners who want to create an entire outdoor living area, a tiled area is usually built under a covered patio. The outside living area can be designed to extend to the in-ground pool area with the same tile designs. For outdoor living areas and extended poolside patios, homeowners can choose to have mason fire pits added for evening enjoyment. For people who want to add a hot tub, a multi-tiered patio can be created for hot tub placement next to the pool. In-ground lighting can also be added around the pool areas as well to create a lovely evening atmosphere.

Patio Tile Repairs

For people who have an existing tile patio surrounding their in-ground pool that has been damaged, tile repairs can be readily made to the damaged area without much downtime. The best way to ensure there is little downtime affecting the swimming season, getting tile repairs done offseason before the summer warmth arrives is recommended. In most cases, when replacing any existing tiles that have become damaged or broken, tile repairs can be done with tiles of similar colours and styles.