Tile Chip Repairs

There’s no need to despair over that unsightly chip in your otherwise beautiful tile – TRIM offers inexpensive and effective chip repair!

Replacing chipped tiles can be a draining process – it’s messy and often extremely costly. Attempting to replace individual chipped tiles can also be tough, as finding replacement tiles of the same make and colouration is difficult, and – if the tiles are not new – can be almost impossible. There’s no need to let chipped styles continue to cause you stress though, we’re here to help! Our tile chip repair service can save you the hassles of replacing chipped tiles, whatever those tiles may be – ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble, granite or terrazzo.

Our Konig hard surface repair system allows us to colour match to your chipped tile with a hard wearing repair and finish. Especially when spares are NOT available!

Chipped surfaces are closely matched with blended coloured flooring grade waxes, suitable for foot traffic-able surfaces.

Konig chip repairs are suitable for minor chips to glazes and natural stone finishes, and offer an alternative to tile replacement.

Available through select franchises when part of TRIM injection services. (Northern NSW/Gold Coast; Townsville; Tasmania).

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TRIM’s chip repair processes are capable of closely matching (NOT FULLY MATCHING) existing chipped surfaces with a colour matched hard wearing repair.

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Inexpensive and mess-free compared to traditional tile replacement!

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We can repair chips in a wide range of tiles, including tough materials such as porcelain tiles, ceramic glazed tiles, granite, marble, and limestone.

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Don’t let those loose, defective, and noisy tiles ruin your day – TRIM is here to help!
Why remove and replace? – Inject and save!